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I run this bloody mattress pickup web site as an add-on to my blood cleanup, biohazard cleanup services. If you have a mattress upon which someone died and bleed, then I can help. Homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and natural death mattress pickup service remains available for most of Southern California.

You will find my writing at Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup. Many examples of my blood cleanup writing appear in paragraphs and among its pages. I offer bloody mattress pickup in addition to these other business services.

The difference between a bloody mattress pickup and blood cleanup means anything remaining after a bloody mattress pickup remains. I take no responsibility for blood soaked carpet, carpet padding, mattress bix springs, bloody bedding, bloody pillows, and so forth. For removal of additional blood soaked items, a second price beyond bloody mattress pickup follows.

crime scene cleanup. The challange here requires offering different business models for crime scene cleanup. Most readers will understand a business exists as an honest endeavor by an euntrapranuer in most cases. At least I understood business in these terms not so many years ago.

Now business, as I understand from my lawn mowing and paperboy businesses, exists in the competitive market. In neither of these buinesses did I find or expect to find county employees competitng with me. I'm sure that my neighbors, peers, and teachers understood that government has its place, and business has its place. These two entities should not overlap. At least, I believed so then and I still belive so.

My perception changed. It changed when I started a crime scene cleanup business of my own. .

At the time I already had a carpet cleaning business, a power washing business, and a marble polishing business. Seldom did I look for work because I used the Internet successfully in Orange County, California. In fact, I chose to add crime scene cleanup because I needed to slow down. My age took its tool. Carpet cleaning customers were much too demanding for the little I charged. Many carpets were worn thin and filthy and their owners expected miracles.

So Orange County crime scene cleanup made scense. I started placing crime scene cleanup web sites in Orange County, and then Los Angeles County. I followed the same business marketing plan I had used for my other business. I would do well, I figured. Before long I received calls from all over the United States, but not from Orange County, my home county. I could not figure it out. After about six months of silence I received my first call to clean near home, but in Palmdale, California. Pleased, I still needed to drive several hours to the suicide cleanup. Of course I bid low on this job out of fear of losing it.

Three months passed. My other businesses continued to grow because of my Orange County Internet presence. I began to wonder, "Have Orange County's residents and businesses stopped using the Internet?". Of course not, I knew. So I gave the coroner a call. A young woman answered. I explained what I expereinced. She replied something like the following:

"We pass out a list of 3 companies according to the decedant's telephone pre-fix. This meant that since I have a 714 pre-fix, I would receive calls from families sharing my prefix."

Oddly enough, my telephone range from a caller in need of an Orange County blood cleanup following a homicide. Homicide cleanup remained a new experience until this time, so again I bid low. I got the job.

Time passed and over the months I began to discern a rhythm. I came to know a crime scene cleanup oligachy in Orange County crime scene cleanup business. After all, other companies survived well enough. I could not survive on my Orange County crime scene cleanup telephone calls. Although I dominated the Los Angeles suicide cleanup and Orange County suicide cleanup Internet pages, I received no Orange County work. Once in a while I did receive Los Angeles suicide cleanup work. These jobs were in low paying, mom-and-pop apartments. No insurance and hardly enough for them to pay their mortgage. As a result I bid low. Some became self-referred as the years passed. They liked my work and my prices.

When it comes to biohazard cleanup involving blood cleanup, I have little trouble getting the work thoroughly completed.





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